Leasing Program

Spend more time with the horse you love with our leasing program!
Start a forever lasting bond with one of our fantastic horses or ponies with our leasing program. This program will allow for you to learn all of the basics of owning your own horse, without the full committment. Our horses are all one-of-a-kind, and are looking for a great companion!

We are currently offering a Full Lease Program:
Full Lease Includes:
Six Days Per Week
Choice of Days – Monday thru Sunday (one weekend day only)
Choice of Hours – 9am-3pm or 12pm-6pm *hours are fexable if needed
Price: Call now for our special fall offer!
Mandatory one lesson per week with one of our trainers
*Option to buy the leased horse, after lease is over
When you lease one of our horses or ponies you have access to our whole state of the art riding facility,
as well as the groomed bridalpaths in Belmont Lake State Park.
*Option to buy may vary depending on the horse. Confirm with BRC for price/avalibility and term and conditions.